Stump Grinding Plantation

When trees are cut down or fall by themselves, there is a very high likelihood that there will be stumps that will be left behind. There are many people who are convinced to let the stump rot away in a natural manner.

What they do not know is that this may take so many years, depending on the type of tree, among other factors. We offer an effective solution to such stumps and this is through stump grinding. We use very powerful grinders and we will carry out the task in a safe and professional manner.

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Stumps may look like they are harmless and they blend in with your natural environment. As a matter of fact, some property owners love the fact they the tree stumps provide a natural and rustic look. Unfortunately, tree stumps are dangerous and a safety hazard and this is why they need to be removed immediately. They are ugly and tend to affect the appearance of your landscape. With our professional help, we will make your yard look better and this increases the value of your property.

The Essence of Stump Grinding

Stump removal is a difficult task and as such, most people avoid it at all costs. When you hire us for tree removal, we will do a proper and complete job, whereby we will even remove the stumps. When you leave the stumps to rot on their own, they will attract pests and diseases, which can easily be transmitted to other plants. It will be just a matter of time before the other trees are infected.

When your kids want to play in the yard, the stumps will get in their way. In most cases, the children and pets may end up tripping and ultimately, this causes serious injuries. If you removed trees because they were affecting your foundation or driveway, leaving the stumps does not help as the roots will keep growing. With our powerful grinders, we will be able to take down the stump all the way below the ground level and this makes your property look great all over again.

Professional Stump Removal

Our stumps grinding process is safe and effective. We will start by ensuring that the work sire is safe and we will check all underground utilities so as to avoid damaging them. Our approach is professional and carefully planned. We will cut down the remaining tree trunk in small wood chips and we take all the way to the roots. The debris that is produced can be used as mulch in your garden. If you do not need it, we will haul it away. The hole is backfilled with soil and no one can tell that there was a tree in that spot.

Stump Grinding Pros

All our tree experts are licensed, skilled and experienced in stump grinding. We are highly trained in operating the grinders and we are also insured. Allow us to eliminate those ugly stumps from your property at a reasonable price. Call us today to book an appointment and get a free estimate.